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General Terms and Conditions

The following General Terms and Conditions form an integral part of the Rental Agreement between the Client and Kalabrienonline.

1. Conclusion of Rental Agreement and Deposit
1.1 Upon receipt of your deposit of 30% of the total rental price Kalabrienonline will send you the final booking confirmation via ordinary mail.
1.2 Upon receipt of this final booking confirmation, t he Rental Agreement is entered and the client is liable for all obligations arising from this Agreement.
1.3 Special wishes or oral agreements regarding the rental property have to be confirmed in writing.

2. Final Payment
The final payment is due on arrival (cash or by credit card).

3. Arrival and Departure
3.1 . If not otherwise agreed, arrival is usually between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. The departure should not be later than 10.00 a.m. Should the client arrive after the agreed arrival date or leave before the agreed departure date due to Force Majeure or personal incapability the client cannot claim any refund.
3.2 Eventual prolongation of the period of stay after arrival has to be agreed with Kalabrienonline.

4. Cancellation of the Rental Agreement by the Client
4.1 The client is entitled to cancel the Rental Agreemenmt at any time. The cancellation must be done in writing.
4.2 In case of cancellation the following compensation will be claimed by the landlord:
a) cancellation until 30 days prior to the planned arrival date:  30% of the total price (corresponds to the deposit paid).
b) cancellation later than 30 days prior to the planned arrival date: 90% of the total price
c) non-arrival without prior cancellation :100% of the total price
4.3 The client has the right to nominate a substitute person who assumes the client’s obligations from the Rental Agreement. In this case, Kalabrienonline will not claim any compensation.
4.4 To avoid cancellation fees, we recommend the conclusion of a trip cancellation insurance

5. Duties of the customer
5.1 The booked property can only be occupied by the number of persons indicated in the contract.
5.2 The client is liable to the owner for any culpable damage made to the rented property and has to compensate for them. The client is obliged to take the utmost care of the rented property.
5.3 The final cleaning of the rented property does not include the cleaning of the kitchen/kitchenette and the respective equipment  which must be left in clean state on departure.
5.4. Some owners require a security deposit from the client on arrival. This security deposit will be reimbursed to the client on departure after a short inspection of the rental property.

6. Liability
Kalabrienonline acts solely as agent and mediator between client and landlord and acts on behalf of and on account of the landlord. Therefore, Kalabrienonline shall not be liable for services provided to the client by the appropriate service providers. Any claims for compensation can only be made towards these people under Italian law. The landlord shall be liable neither for personal injury nor the personal property of the client.

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